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Encounter with the NEX-5N in the afternoon
Sony Micro one of the NEX series cameras, since 2010, and a new attitude after launch, then the light, and compact, fashionable and sought after young people. The SONY VGP-bps13 recently launched two micro-single NEX-C3 and NEX-5N again Hyun-slim body a rich combination of shooting, including NEX-5N Photo effects model will be updated once again, not very good "late" primary fan, this is undoubtedly a very easy way to plan.
· Meet the NEX-5N in the afternoon
Like many busy white-collar workers, such as beauty looks pretty but also deal with all kinds of documents on a daily basis statements. However, her natural beauty of college seniors and students are in front of the camera, "Matou", it would be his first encounter with photography. In front of the camera a long, long time when the monasteries, but also looks quite a bit of photography insights.
Sony Micro looks pretty nice one NEX-5N encounter
In fact, he can not move too early to buy a SLR idea, but because the SONY VGP-BPS13/B  is too "heavy" body without a shot. Until last year, Sony launched the Sony micro-single-single NEX-5C, this began to make her crush on him, but when he has just completed his pocket, and silver is not enough, why they lived HOLD "impulse." Launched in June this year, a pink "strawberry milkshake" NEX-C3 does not really let him calm for a while, but fortunately there are many around, "sources", he advised, etc., this does not make him wait until the last NEX-5C to update models - Sony Micro single NEX-5N.
Product: Sony DSLR-5N is a digital camera the finger tips to keep cool moments
· Keep some great moments with the fingertips
The new Sony Micro one of the NEX-5N in the menu design is still the continuation of a traditional style, and style, but with a different previous models, the new Sony Micro one of the NEX-5N introduced touch-screen design elements, such experience under the supervision extent improved the flu.
The new touch-screen looks pretty happy so beautiful, such as the SONY VGP-BPS13/Q ability to manage his "crazy love cell phone to" play with the same camera, this is not thought he would like things to be. In addition, the new Sony Micro one of the NEX-5N is also not a good PS seems quite useful to prepare a variety of photo effects mode. Normal, such as Japan, a small bright, Lomo range of children's cooler in one of the Sony Micro DSLR-5N is only appropriate toys.
Video: Sony Micro beauty under the supervision of one of the NEX-5N and photographic effects of camera settings
Sony Micro DSLR-5N one added on four kinds of Picture Effects: Miniature
Sony Micro DSLR-5N one added on four kinds of Picture Effects: Soft Focus, and the painting of the HDR

Sony Micro DSLR-5N one added on four kinds of Picture effect: rich black and white tones
Sony Micro looks pretty nice one NEX-5N which is also found four different fresh photo effects model, miniature landscapes, HDR painting, soft-focus black and white and rich sounds Iverson is still relatively unknown, has just started to fall in love with the shock effect.
Product: Sony DSLR-5N digital camera art of intellectual white collar neighborhood walk
· Art Walk in mental agents in the suburbs
Leisure-time likes to stroll through the SONY VGP-BPS13/S pat cooler 798 is almost time for a walk. Holding his favorite Sony DSLR-5N around and Pat, at the time of recording the most attracted to him.
What drew looks pretty
Works of painting effects using HDR
Through the window, looks quite found a piece of her heart attack, but the traditional approach is to highlight the display image is the texture of the flowers. So, looks pretty decisively decided to shoot HDR effect painting. So take a photograph looks as though "oil on canvas" effect, because the arts in childhood influence your home cooler in one of the Sony Micro DSLR-5N to shoot this scene is that he is not moved to do.
· Specific camera settings as follows: Sony Micro DSLR-5N is a single exposure mode is set to the P-file, in addition to painting effect HDR menu opens, the ISO is set automatically.
· Edit comments: Using HDR painting models, we should choose colorful, and there is an obvious contrast between light and dark scenes, so that we can have a high dynamic range HDR exploit the advantages, while the rich colors of the camera is "exaggerated," so we create a similar "impressionistic" painting feeling.
Local color (red)
Sometimes the color is diluted, the world becomes simple. Seems pretty simple girl likes, so sometimes try to shoot in black and white manner. However, the solid black and white photographs give a sense of stability, so select the local color looks quite through the photo shoot.
· Specific camera settings: Sony Micro DSLR-5N is a single exposure mode is set to the P-file, in addition to a menu of local color (red) to the effect, the ISO is set automatically.
* Editorial Comment: The use of local color mode, the SONY VGP-BPS13A player will choose a relatively high purity of the color scenes. More than local color map (red) results, for example, the red letters in a very pure DS, it may be better to crawl out of the camera.
Iverson heard a long time ago, my friend mentioned a kind of "real world can become a model for a" magic shooting. This seems quite difficult to understand that this is a way of shooting, I did not expect one of Sony Micro DSLR-5N is only valid for the corresponding state can be achieved. After that, it looks pretty in fact be a "photographer" is also difficult to do anything.

· Specific camera settings: Sony Micro DSLR-5N is a single exposure mode is set to the P-file, the other a miniature landscape impact of the menu opens, and through a miniature landscape orientation, the opportunity to set a clear scope, place it on the screen to the center position, so the ISO is set automatically.

* Editorial Comment: miniature landscape mode is a lot of players are now want to try the effect, so shooting process, we should choose the topic easily stand out from the background. Train like the SONY VGP-BPS13AB above, the left and right are not interfering in its composition elements, only the foreground image, when the king and the main train station, so the effect is to use a miniature landscape is a good effect. In addition, if the height of the top-down, when you get a very good miniature landscape.
Sony looks pretty beautiful white micro-Perfect for a single NEX-5N encounter

This is just beautiful and looks pretty one-NEX-5N Sony Micro to face with the perfect start. Nature do not want romance, love life looks very heart of the record, but also to use the camera in his hand less than beautiful, touching moment. Sony Micro one of the NEX-5N-rich photo effects, performance, and a strong body gives him a "romantic" life is not a small pleasure.

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Sale of: interfaces alloy body complete
    ViewSonic Viewpad 10pro with a 10.1-inch LED backlit display with a resolution of 1024 × 600, using capacitive multi-touch technology, and traditional IT operations over the Touch Tablet PC is more intuitive, easy to use, the Click point, zoom, drag the experience more comfortable. The machine gravity sensor (Acer Aspire One), the user can rotate the screen using the point of view, adding ambient light sensor is also very useful, it can be seen by the intensity of light room and automatically adjusts screen brightness for better viewing experience.
10.1-inch LED-backlit
After the panel of aluminum-magnesium alloy 
    Black body designed to meet the Tablet PC nowadays the main key, endless design of the front panel display and the bottom of the screen's trademark logo ViewSonic seems so easy, after the panel of aluminum-magnesium alloy(Acer Aspire 3810T) , a more solid texture and helps the body heat, Due to the streamlined design, more comfortable grip.
Infinity logo screen ViewSonic 
Unit Weight: 0.846 kg Weight Travel: 0983 kg 
    After weighing, the weight ViewSonic Viewpad 10pro single tablet of 0.846 kg, the weight of 0.983 kg trip, compared to the size of the product is a bit heavy, but it does not affect the report, namely that the Internet is currently a 10 inch Win7 the stand-alone weight generally in more than 1 kg, the machine equipped with the Atom processor with a dual system, is still large phones. (Acer Aspire 4810T Battery)
    Interface, this design tablet fuselage on the left side of the adapter jack, headphone jack, an HDMI interface, USB 2.0 and Micro SD card reader, the bottom of the fuselage to provide a dedicated data interface, USB2.0 and HDMI interface, adding enough practice, the first may be an external mouse and keyboard, U disk or mobile hard disk, which can display the content of the tablet PC features projected onto a larger display to meet the audio and video playback, PPT presentations and other functions of the entertainment business. (Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T Battery)

Product: ViewPad ViewSonic Tablet PC Pro 10 a sale of two points: high-frequency processors SSD
* The sale of two points: high-frequency processors SSD

    A slow computer is running fast, smooth to operate mainly to see the hardware is not smooth, Tablet PC, too, ViewSonic Viewpad 10pro platform with Intel Atom Z670, Oak Trail, SM35 Intel chipset, 1 GB DDR2 (667 MHz), 16GB memory SSD Solid State Drive building (can be expanded via microSD storage card), WiFi, Bluetooth wireless network, you can run Windows 7 with Android OS 2.2, officially known as "Android in Windows." (Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T)

    What is an Intel Atom Z670 processor? It uses 45nm technology, single-threaded dual core, clocked at 1.5 GHz with 512 KB L2 cache, integrated GMA 600 graphics core, the DDR3 memory controller, the thermal design power of 35W, with connections to the SM35 chipset designed specifically for mobile computing.
1.5GHz processor, equipped with high-frequency 
    The integrated machine SSD 16GB solid state drive, transfer rate over traditional mechanical hard drive faster and more convenient operation, low power consumption and heat, but also to solve the problem of vibration, which is very important to the Experience Tablet PC, micro SD support extension up to 32GB. (Acer TravelMate 8471 Battery)
ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro
Android operating system 2.2/Windows 7
Intel Atom Z670 clocked at 1.5 GHz
1 GB of system memory
Storage Capacity 16GB SSD
Memory Card Support Micro SD card
Capabilities to support WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol
Reserved for the 3G module port network model
Bluetooth, the Bluetooth 2.1 Module
Lithium battery type, 5000mAh (the specific time depending on usage environment)
Tablet PC host x1 packing list
Power converter x1
USB cable x1
Instructions x1
Warranty card x1 
    As the integrated graphics processing unit, the unit can achieve a resolution of 1920 × 1080 full high-definition digital video output, via HDMI interface, can be easily connected widescreen TV, a projector. In addition to the assessment model, the ViewSonic ViewPad Pro with 10 models to choose from as well as high, with 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage space. This integrated model 5000mAh lithium-ion Grand Oak Trail with the latest technology platform energy conservation, the official use of sustainable nominal 8 hours.
The sale of three points: two real-time switch (Acer TravelMate 8571 Battery)
* Point of sale of three: Two real-time switch 
    ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro is the culmination of the dual system, real-time switch, which is cited first in Android in Windows. As its name implies, when you start your computer will first enter the Windows 7 (32-bit Edition Pro) operating system, if you want to use the Android system, double-click the icon on the desktop . It should be noted that this process without rebooting the switch, instantly, greatly improved the usefulness of the product. (Acer Aspire 7000)

    Double ViewPad ViewSonic Pro 10 has its unique charm.

Operating system startup by default in Windows 7
System control panel menu Win7
Seamlessly switch to the operating system Android 2.2
Click the icon to return to Windows Win7 System

    Local support for the Android system image display, music player, video player, QQ chat, casual games and other functions. Environmental Office in Windows 7 for normal use, these tools of Photoshop, but the software production class, the recommended use of the mouse, tablet PCs, after all, relatively more emphasis on reading. (Acer Aspire 7110 Battery)
    Assessment Summary:

    As the title of the article, the three main selling points ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro clarity, impact on users is the most critical systems SSD Solid State Drive and double, the former not only bring greater speed but also greatly enhance the user experience This last feature is very convenient to switch seamlessly, the fact that Windows 7 and Android can not solve all the problems, taking into account the practical application, complementary approach is valid . (Acer TravelMate 5600 Battery)

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 Configuring evaluation
    I was honored to get more before a new panel designed by the engineering prototype ARNOVA10 Archos, and wrote a brief assessment. Today, the official version of the upgraded aircraft returned Reloaded Division Zhongguancun online computer, described as the highly anticipated, so I'll take you from start to end re-live what this "new" machine. HP Pavilion DV6 Battery
ARNOVA10 Assessment Report G2 
    From the perspective of strategic ARNOVA market this product primarily for the end user, the price of less than 2,000 yuan to 10 inches, the screen may be flat, then we take a look to the right configuration the machine. HP Pavilion DV7 Battery
ARNOVA 10 (G2)
OS Android2.3
ARM Cortex-A8 processor, single core, 1GHz
512 MB of system memory
The storage capacity of 8 GB
Screen size 10.1 inches
1024 × 600 screen resolution
Capacitive touch screen description of the screen
Capabilities to support WiFi 802.11b / g wireless protocol
Built-in audio chip audio system
Support audio format MP3, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC
Video format support AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, support for video playback 1080p
1 x USB 2.0 USB, 1 x mini-USB HP Pavilion DV8000 Battery
3.5mm headphone jack audio interface
Other power connector, memory card interface
Battery type lithium batteries
Life according to the specific use of the environment
Camera, integrated camera
Gravity sensor Sensor smart
Product dimensions 272 × 152.3 × 13.5 mm
Product weight 570g
Black cabinet color
Tablet PC host x1 packing list
Cable x1
Charger x1
Warranty card x1
Manual x1
List of parameters
    The G2 ARNOVA10 and got the project before the prototype compared to the upgrade of the operating system by the Android2.2 Android2.3. Also comes with accessories and packaging, more formal look. HP Pavilion DV9000 Battery
Family Portrait Accessories 
    From the perspective of the packaging of this machine should be the international version, the text on how to use the language manual, but not Chinese. More user-friendly machine that is equipped with three converted plug the charger, you can respond to national and international standards for the different socket, plus a row of data. HP Pavilion DV5 Battery
Appearance evaluation of the body
* The evaluation of the physical appearance 
    Have the emotional and rational side, for a digital product, the hardware, we must choose wisely, and then decide the appearance is usually emotional. Compared to the prototype before the project is now in our hands the mold ARNOVA10 G2 to tighten, sleek appearance gives a feeling of strong, like the author to determine the onset of the aircraft it. HP Pavilion DV5-1000 Battery
    Fuselage with a black panel brushed metal front, using both sides of the palm rest a friction material more plastic, this design allows us to use both hands when holding the machine will not be easy to fall. In addition to a camera and light sensor outside of the fuselage without any other key, it is extremely neat. HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery
Before the camera and the logo 
    The left side of the fuselage before the number of pixels the camera is not clear, however, support 720p HD video also supports QQ and other video chat software. Rear fuselage 
Body and anti-slip mat rear speaker

    ARNOVA10 G2 is one of the few that I have examined the machine with non-slip mat, so we put on the table when we usually do not pay attention only to avoid the action may cause the machine to fall to prevent the machine from being scratched.
Left and right sides of the fuselage HP 367759-001 Battery
Buttons and interface 
  The aircraft left the keys and the interface is placed on the left side of the fuselage, only the volume control buttons and power button. Interface is a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 2.0, microUSB interface data transmission, TF card slot and charger interface.
Up and down both sides of the fuselage HP 367760-001 Battery
The thickness of the body cf 
    With pieces of 1 dollar, we can find ARNOVA10 G2 cf figure is still very thin, in all 10-inch flat panel screen is definitely considered to be thin.
Size Weight Reviews
    For a Tablet PC, we must have a solid performance and beautiful appearance outside is also important is that its portability, portability can be divided in specific terms of the size and weight, screen size The diluent of the same body the smaller the range of the highest quality of most mobile and portable ARNOVA10 the G2 do? We take a look. HP 383492-001 Battery
Hands holding records
Comparison with the human machine 
Machine and the contrast with iPhone4 iPad2 
    We can see by comparing the size of the machine control is very good, and a wide border around the screen in relation iPad2 ARNOVA10 G2 is not the least bit heavy border very narrow, the width of the rest left and right hand is just right. HP 383493-001 Battery
Weight and weight of single travel 
    We look at the weight of the machine, stand-alone travel 679g Weight 564g. IPad2 the G2 600g ARNOVA10 is about 50g lighter but also for adults I felt in his hand is still very light, lying in bed with the desire not to feel tired. HP 391883-001 Battery
Assessment Tool
    Having the appearance and size of the mass we look at the hardware configuration of the machine. Since the chipset internally, these days most manufacturers have to go to NVIDIA Tegra platform, although Tegra is a very powerful platform, and a beautiful view from Tegra3 only fully dynamic, but we're talking about the next time thing to the author of the comment later. We look ARNOVA10 G2 hardware settings. HP 394275-001 Battery
    As a representative of the chip Rockchip good home has been a concern for everyone, for different hardware platforms they also introduced a different solution, which was a platform that RK2918 ARNOVA10 G2 hands I used it not only has Cortex-A8 architecture also incorporates the many benefits of a powerful video playback capabilities. It's like watching the film is appropriate.
RK2918 Specifications HP 395751-251 Battery
    From the perspective of the specifications, RK2918 reached the traditional standards. Single-core 1.2GHz frequency was able to meet the daily needs of the user, or for dual core this and most other support multi-threaded software in terms of time and then, after all we are accustomed to using the tablet or just run a single program (if you want dual-core it? ARNOVA10 G2 is also equipped with a DSP chip). Second, video playback 1080p RK2918 is pretty self-confidence. HP 395751-321 Battery
    Of course the above we can see, here we can see that we are her. Support the weight of this nature is 10-inch high-resolution capacitive touch screen and the screen resolution of 1024x600 WXVGA, hair color, the number of 16 million colors. Then the performance color display and multi-touch ability to do?
Multi-touch test 
    Tested ARNOVA10 G2 support two touch screen, although able to meet our navigation and photo viewing some of the daily operational needs, but we play a game multi-touch when he stretched a little. Take another look at the screen of the machine. HP 395752-004 Battery
Effects of test image (a)
Effect of test image (b)
Test quality photo (c)
Effect of test image (D) 
Original test images 
    May be due to the angles of light and a camera because of the end of the color image display slightly different from the original image.
Performance evaluation of machine HP 396600-001 Battery
    As a civilian level flat, because the price is very close people to the positioning performance of the machine is certainly lower than in the models, however, and uses the same Qualcomm 1 GHz mobile processor comparison is essentially the same level, to deal with daily entertainment is sufficient demand. Let's take a look at the test software to run sub-quadrant so successful.
Performance test Quadrant HP 396601-001 Battery
    From the above results show that in 2000 less than the price of the aircraft's performance quite well, and the deviation to integrate another Android phone is not much difference between the share of power 3D treatment should be part of that, but for machines at home dishes in terms of large-scale 3D game is not much opportunity, we examine the actual performance of the aircraft of it, we first look at the speed of page load. As Android2.3 system comes with a browser is very sad and so I chose the software QQ HD v1.1 browser as a test, empty the cache after the test. HP 396603-001 Battery
Page Zhongguancun online home loading speed
Sina home page loading speed
Tencent speed of loading pages
The speed of loading pages Netease 
    Home rate four dependent performance of the machine entirely satisfactory, Sina, Netease and Tencent corresponding pages are optimized for iPad may be due to the concern of too much advertising Home Sina's hanging on the loading rate leads to a decrease in Zhongguancun online version of the iPad the lack of speed optimized pages to Pianman. HP 398065-001 Battery
    Another commonly used as a tablet function, we take a look at the aircraft in the performance of electronic books easier to read. Test software we use official Adobe Reader Adobe 10.0.2, the test format for the common PDF format, although the EPUB format flip flashy effect, but does not apply to the display area is smaller than the PDF format and therefore not tested.
50MB test file we have chosen the size of the PDF e-book HP 398752-001 Battery
    In landscape mode, you can get a clearer image quality, but the content is relatively low, forcing users to hand slide down to see the next, the sliding speed is as good in about 18 or more second, too fast to see if the slide to erase the image reintegration process. 
Portrait mode HP 398832-001 Battery
    Because the machine uses a 16:9 resolution, so the magazine in the vertical display 4:03 when the upper and lower ends of a large piece of empty space, causing a severe shortage of use screen space. However, this does not delay the display of content, full page PDF content can be displayed on the screen, folding screen faster than horizontal to the quick, much more than the domestic product of some small factory loading speed it is suitable for the PDF e-book view. HP 404232-001 Battery
    Finally, we look at the machine built in flash memory write speed how. And high-end models we PK, do not challenge the Guinness Book, or seek to transfer files using the system Windows7 measured the speed of it.
Machine built in storage capacity 8G
Write speed test 
    I had the G2 ARNOVA10 8G of flash memory, but because we have occupied the hex conversion, and system capacity can be used in the 7G is probably about time for testing the flash memory of the film I also write the machine to test speed, average speed 6.5MB / S on the copy a 700 MB video probably also less than two minutes, watching movie fans can meet the demand.
System for evaluating applications HP 484170-001 Battery
* Rating System Applications 
    Then we will talk about the machine hardware systems and applications. Tablet PC market is now a prevailing visibility of the addition to our family iPad mainly using the Android system or a derivative. Speaking of Android system you can be somewhat different view of it, a rich multi-platform software compatible and can be common is it the biggest bright spot, but the management and use of practice and the collapse common to the CF will be its biggest flaw. HP EG415AA Battery
91 PC 
    When it comes to managing the system Android flat, although Google is not suitable as powerful as the Apple iTunes Sync, but there are a lot of people can be good for us to use the software, such as 91 Mobile assistants, pea pods, music, magic can easily help us take care of the hands of the G2 ARNOVA10. That may be where the spirit of Google and open - the choice to the user.
The machine uses the Android2.3.1 HP HSTNN-DB10 Battery
The main screen before 
    From the perspective of the system of the main screen saver and traditional phone system Android is not very different, there is a change in the status bar of some function keys and more virtual, which is why we do not see the body in G2 ARNOVA10 due to the function keys.
• Software installation and compatibility testing
With 91 mobile assistants for software installation HP HSTNN-DB17 Battery
    Speaking of methods for installing the software, we can use the PC Sync software is installed on the machine or the approach of the software market our ARNOVA10 G2 to install an application rich, but these applications are executed on the machine can do? Please read on. 
Market and Sina Bo Feng Machine can operate normally compatible
Operation of mobile QQ normal housewife compatible
Sogou input method Apad normal
Normal QQ HD
HD normal QQ browser
Zombies normal 
Fruit Ninja normal birds and angry HP HSTNN-IB09 Battery
  After the test of the author, most consumer software is perfectly suited to this machine in our hands, the application runs without any problems, rare is the lack of problem reporting screen because some programs may be stretching the phenomenon, 4:09 p.m. 4:10 p.m. ET but because of the difference is not great, so the century seems to have no obvious difference.
Assessment of the sample taken
* Take Evaluation of the sample HP HSTNN-IB10 Battery
    ARNOVA10 G2 is equipped with a front camera, but because manufacturers do not give this argument I can not determine the number of pixels of the camera. But as far as I understand the support for video recording of the camera 720P, sufficient to meet the needs of the video chat usual, we are looking at a simple evaluation Although this camera.
Camera Settings 
 The machine is completely made of photos Android2.3 native interface control system to obtain a clear picture that we choose a very fine.
Support for 720p video recording HP HSTNN-IB17 Battery
Fashion Beautiful photo evidence (a)
Fashion Beautiful photo evidence (II) 
   Two proofs of view, while the number of pixels of the camera should not be too high, the image looks very blurry, but still be able to clearly identify the face. While we take a look at the video camera is able to meet to discuss, I guess.
Pad-side of the interface 
    Due to system constraints at the Pad screenshot can not show what the camera images, then the reference PC-side software to do a show, so that the camera can cope with the daily demands of video chat. HP HSTNN-LB09 Battery
Video Evaluation
* Video player evaluation 
    Because the machine uses a Rockchip RK2918 platform, video playback capability naturally stronger, so I also did a simple test video playback, the screen resolution of the machine and online sources for restrictions all tests based on the current video resolution used 720P popular, in addition I have also prepared a 1080p video to test whether the plane can handle full HD video. Finally, explain all the above tests is fully RK2918 hardware video decoding.
The video file test HP HSTNN-LB17 Battery
    With the improved bandwidth and advances in compression format, the network moved from RMVB video format general public is slowly transformed to MKV, H.264, AVI format is high and this high quality video compression, and because Joe flv it closer to the firm will inevitably become the general public. In collaboration with several other fairly common format will be trained today we want to test a list of video format. HP HSTNN-MB09 Battery
Video format does not play is not smooth smooth   
Video test flow 
    The results of simple tests by the author, except that part of the FLV and WMV video format will not play other than the general public can smooth video playback, the picture is very clear. For some users, like to watch the video in terms of ARNOVA10 G2 is a very good choice. 
    Video format, while the test that I have a simple test, he, with the volume of machines, remember that the fuselage behind the speakers inside, its volume is the strength? We have to test it! Choose a relatively quiet testing room environment assessment, the test volume using the built-in music files is the machine, adjust the volume to maximum. HP HSTNN-MB10 Battery
Volume of 62.3 dB
The playback volume of 78.6 db
Test table 
    As I put the body on the place of the table, so there will be some loss of volume. However, the volume is still operating the unit has reached 75 or more, for those who like to take the user to see films for flat panel is a good choice.
Evaluation of Endurance HP HSTNN-OB17 Battery
Test of Life * 
    As a 10-inch PC screen of the tablet, use it to watch movies in bed is certainly a very comfortable leisure. Now we have a film with the machine, then hand Archos ARNOVA10 G2 at the end of the limited capacity of the battery in the drive for how long? Here we play 720p video with a simple test to bar planes endurance.
Test environment ■ 
    Before the test to be clear on our test environment first, as most users will see big-opt the night, so we have to adjust the screen brightness and volume in the value up to half, and to exclude the other factors, we remove all the background tasks, close the WiFi.
■ Test the movie and the player HP HSTNN-Q05C Battery
    Test software, we chose the machine built into a video player, we chose the videos RMVB 720P Test Movie to play such a hostile environment, the biggest advantage of a processor RK2918, but also the power of battery is not an easy task.
Used as a test of 720P RMVB video
Before the test power of 84%
■ Test 
    Because all electricity consumed for longer periods, so we take the test phase, which is our one-hour video to see how much electricity it takes ARNOVA10 G2, after the conversion can be drawn on time of the machine to sleep. HP HSTNN-UB09 Battery

End of test
The end of the power of 65%
Start time: 2:54 p.m. start power: 84%
End Time: 3:59 p.m. end of the power: 65% 
    If the power was calculated to exhaust anyone can play the video about 5 hours. This can be a very good result for students to see films like 5 hours is sufficient for two to watch an entire movie, then read on, then the body is not very good.
HSTNN-UB17 Battery
    ARNOVA10 G2 models for less than the price of $ 2000, give the user a 10-inch widescreen flat panel Android experience, but the price is very civil, especially for models such as the Andrew system, as Internet to see the video read eBooks users. Men and elegant women-take-all, small and light weight, even little girls can get, the recently published models, I hope you much attention.

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 Introduction: High performance audio and video entertainment platform
    HP Pavilion Collection tour people, whether desktop or laptop computer, belonging to this series of products reputation. This evaluation is to obtain dv6 2630QM Pavilion Core i7 equipped with high-performance quad-core processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB hard drive and AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card, the overall performance, it is rare that the highest quality ready to run " Crysis 2 "notebooks. In addition, the model uses the popular brushed metal material, the best quality and the market price of 7100 yuan or so, with a good price. HP Pavilion DV4 Battery

High performance audio and video entertainment platform

    HP Pavilion dv6 the home entertainment market for high-end products, the quality is excellent overall, with 15.6 inch screen, although the resolution is still used on the standard 1366 x 768 pixels, but it makes the graphics performance minimize losses, so that more powerful performance graphics experience. Of course, as home entertainment platform, rather than on the professional gaming laptop, the Pavilion dv6 with better than others in the audio output, audio system with the introduction BeatsAudio significant sound quality. HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery

HP Pavilion dv6 evaluation 
    BeatsAudio sound system is Hewlett-Packard in February 2011 introduced a new technology that can help users simple, intuitive and effective to improve the music, movies, and chat even when the network performance audio output, a enables users to enjoy better quality sound experience. HP Pavilion DV4000XX Battery

    The system is composed of HP and Beats by Dr. Dre joint development, HP will be redesigned headphone jack, use non-metallic part, to reduce background noise, and discrete stereo headphone amplifier with better separation, and then the island to be using a dedicated audio circuit board to isolate audio components, minimizing digital noise. It allows users to open the case BeatsAudio system, high quality sound output, so elegant music to enjoy through headphones or speakers in linger in your ear.
Click on the picture Bookmarks HP Pavilion DV4001AP Battery
Click on the picture performance experience 
    Users of today's notebook, no longer limited to the pursuit of performance, but to be able to get good experience in all aspects, and the Pavilion dv6 then sufficient capacity to meet the needs of users, reasonable price, high quality professional audio systems, all as a home entertainment platform to be proud of. Here, we have passed this assessment, to see what this product is a place worth our attention?
HP Pavilion DV4001EA Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop appearance of goods: the overall design characteristics of forward-looking
* Characteristics of the overall design vision

    The Pavilion dv6 Pavilion DV series of large-size products, with 14-inch mainstream than the dv4, better in terms of overall quality. HP to launch this year the focus of home entertainment audio and video products, dv6 not only the hardware configuration using high-performance solution, and as well as advanced design, brushed metal look, sound system and highlights BeatsAudio many more dv6 to be a veritable home entertainment video platform. In addition, in terms of price, and the series is DV dv6 was considered the maximum level of price performance, and price with the mainstream this summer, is one of the best-selling products.
HP Pavilion DV4001XX Battery
    dv6 the overall design a lot of areas of concern. Many consumer notebook with a wealth of color compared with the models in color clearly choose the more low-key black brushed metal body and waist of money, although not visible, but low-key show calm in notebook fashion attitude. And the metal body to body and paint materials dv4 compared with more texture.
Design features at a glance HP Pavilion DV4002AP Battery

    Pavilion dv6 use the popular floating keyboard, while the 15.6-inch products, but its well controlled body thickness, so do not look bloated; The audio unit configuration BeatsAudio biggest bright spot, for users provide more high-quality audio experience. Slightly compared with the dv4 moderate, the atmosphere is more prominent dv6 metal. HP Pavilion DV4003AP Battery

    The appearance of looking ahead we come to an end, the following please follow the author, to learn more about this in the design aspects of the overall situation to see this home audio and entertainment platform video, what areas of concern?
HP Pavilion DV4004AP Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop seemed sections: brushed metal design vertical specific
* Vertical brushed metal design specific

    The introduction of brushed metal designs for laptops, can say that new era, with traditional metal or matte paint materials, compared with brushed metal products notebook designs, from the appearance of looking more texture is, more fashionable, nowadays the most popular and one of the most common design approach. HP Pavilion DV4004XX Battery

    Dv6 Pavilion times, with brushed metal design won the favor of more users, and is a process using vertical metal wire drawing, now relatively rare notebook designs. Compared with the horizontal wire drawing, portrait drawing can be refracted texture better light, especially for the site often standing on the roof, the effect is more obvious to the refraction of light, and therefore feel gives dv6 specific. HP Pavilion DV4005AP Battery
Becomes Pavilion DV series of school design

    In the evaluation we had before dv4 likewise also dv6 body mostly black, with silver metallic waist, reflecting the calm and stylish black and silver trim line is so that the engine is more lively, more more texture. The best part of the design, use dv6 relatively rare metal of the current process to draw a vertical wire, creating a good lighting effects. HP Pavilion DV4005US Battery
Cover the classic "HP" without losing the traditional LOGO

    All HP Pavilion series of notebooks, will be printed on the bottom corner left of the metallic body cover LOGO "HP", the address of the dv6 Pavilion is no exception, with the most in the middle of a huge logo cap, The HP logo and complement the overall design style, restraint, calm, yet stylish. HP Pavilion DV4006AP Battery
Black gives a noble qualities dv6
After Alice-style design and layout of the cooling components of relations with non-small 
    The dv4, while dv6 the material body to be distinguished, but the body design of the tail after Alice uses the same type design for the entire body to enhance the understanding of space, but compared with The dv4, not dv6 cooling components are arranged In a reverse of the fuselage, so the design dv6 after Alice to fully improve cooling efficiency.
An exhibition of large-size notebook for home users excellent experience more visual HP Pavilion DV4006XX Battery
    The dv6 Pavilion laptops 15.6 inch screen, in general, but can guarantee to provide users with this area, many clear wide vision. Intention not to use more screen, but to the current mainstream of 1366 x 768 pixels, users are 16:09 aspect ratio notebook also more suitable for home viewing experience. The materials to make them more energy efficient LED-backlit, can help extend laptop effectively the life time, while users with clear, sharp, realistic visual effects. HP Pavilion DV4007AP Battery
BeatsAudio sound system to give you a sweet, pleasant voice 
    Today, many professional audio and video home entertainment laptop vendors with well-known speaker, equipped with high-quality audio sound output unit, to provide users with experience in high-quality sound, and eliminating also the need to buy so many friends, professional speaker expenditure, from which we can see that the laptop hardware configuration, design and other aspects of the same phenomenon more and more clear when the speaker system be a breakthrough in attracting consumers.
HP Pavilion DV4007XX Battery
    Hewlett-Packard at the beginning of a cooperation agreement with BeatsAudio agreement, as a result of high-end audio and video entertainment products in fully equipped sound system BeatsAudio, through a set of professional solutions to the audio output to get more excellent performance from the actual trial in even if I like "fungus", you can feel the difference with normal notebook speakers, high resolution sound, and the bass is significantly improved, giving a powerful sound experience.
HP Pavilion DV4008AP Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop seemed sections: chocolate comfortable keyboard
Chocolate * feels comfortable keyboard

    Cover out, we can see the entire surface of C dv6 part of design, black for their calm and restrictions, brushed metal panel for added style and vitality, both to meet the needs of home users aesthetic, but can be applied can business people in office, saying to meet two objectives. HP Pavilion DV4009AP Battery
    Some of the laptop keyboard design is extremely important, on the one hand it will affect the appearance of design, the other one will be, directly affect user experience. Not dv6-6029TX HP Pavilion keyboard design much difference compared with the dv4, based on space use large-size model of a small increase in the number keypad, keyboard feel comfortable, soft touch.
Keyboard to fashionable chocolate HP Pavilion DV4010AP Battery
Keycap surface of comfortable soft touch sensitive 
    The design of today's notebook, and a more significant product of the user experience, and also focus on the overall simplicity and the beauty and the traditional notebook design, providing a large number of function keys will be ready to designers day Today, instead of function keys designed not for the F1-F12 keys need to be able to achieve the FN key with the corresponding application, and traditional F1-F12 keys to the FN key is needed to achieve The original function of such a model in today's terms, more can be widely recognized by users. HP Pavilion DV4011AP Battery
Since we can dv6 the F1-F12 keys to see default to the corresponding function keys 
    It can be said, dv6 Pavilion is a typical representative of this product, the body with the necessary power button and quick function keys to open outside the browser, you can not find any additional buttons. But do not worry, see the top row of the keyboard is F1-F12 keys? Yes, but hit them, you can identify the corresponding features on the keycap, and traditional F1-F12 keys you need to achieve the FN key with the corresponding effect. The keyboard uses laptop HP dv4 popular chocolate Cap, together with the square of the surface of the keycap resin coating to enhance comfort matte feel.
How can the lack of large-size notebook a few of the key HP Pavilion DV4012AP Battery
Fingerprint reader with vertical brushed metal design wrist rest 
    In home notebooks, fingerprint reader, more and more rare, because home users for the system security requirements of business users so high, but set a boot password will be able to meet their needs, but the user still dv6 pavilion equipped with fingerprint reader for security system provides users with more selective. We can also see C dv6 side and roof panels, used also as vertical wire drawing process design. HP Pavilion DV4013AP Battery
The upper left corner of the touchpad on a small box of baby switch touchpad 
    On the high-end products, design can not be overemphasized small touch pad, precision settings, comfort control, streamline key key way as much as possible, of course impeccable, Pavilion dv6 touchpad is clearly designed for these areas when a lot of effort, matte material to increase the use of touch, the upper left corner of the rectangular area for the green box touchpad, gently tap twice to lock the touch pad.
HP Pavilion DV4014AP Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop seemed sections: BeatsAudio sound system to help out
· BeatsAudio sound system to help out
HP Pavilion DV4014EA Battery
    In the configuration interface, integrates Pavilion dv6 The main interface to all currently most commonly used. On the left, the model provides users with a VGA port, 1 HDMI high-definition interface, RJ-45 Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 high speed interface and a series of three audio jacks. Interface design is reasonable, not to each other while using much impact.
The left side of the fuselage as the main excuse distribution area HP Pavilion DV4015AP Battery
    In the right side of the body, compared with the user provides a power jack, security Keyhole, two USB 2.0 ports and DVD burner. After the USB interface by design I believe that the more reasonable right of the USB interface design, mouse feeder, U disk and other devices when using the mouse to the right of the user experience side effects cause.
After the right side of the USB interface to the more recognizable design HP Pavilion DV4015CL Battery
    In the left front side of the body, the design of the card reader slot. Today, the initial adoption of the reader much user design, but also very easy to use, but also front end design and initial design in cross-section in the front bezel of the user experience completely different, the former convenient , quickly, and then they will need to lift the body to submit or remove the memory card, therefore, provides design dv6 the card reader on the front cross-section of the user with convenience maximum.
The multi-card reader and audio front end unit
Red circle plus b, right! Are BeatsAudio HP Pavilion DV4015EA Battery
    Front of the fuselage on the right with the right reader, we will find two sets of log of the strip, here is dv6 The sound unit is located right next to the speaker "b" represents a sound logo on board BeatsAudio system, instituted by the relevant software sound card audio driver control, we can easily get high-quality sound effects, for those who want to watch movies is undoubtedly the greatest friends in the gospel. HP Pavilion DV4016AP Battery
HP TrueVision HD high-resolution camera 
    HP laptop computers equipped with cameras to be always with good clarity, as dv6 home audio high-end and video entertainment products in the quality of the camera naturally not ambiguous. HP TrueVision HD camera with higher than normal notebook camera clarity, the corresponding camera software that allows users to more experienced excellent chat online video.
HP Pavilion DV4016EA Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop computer hardware experience: HD 6770M performance alone was
· 6770M HD performance alone was

    Equipped with AMD Radeon HD 6770M alone significantly dv6 Pavilion, and is equipped with HD 6750M alone significantly dv4 than entertainment even better performance. Based on the benefits of GDDR5 memory, the performance is a distinct advantage in the game, which is the bottom line of home entertainment notebook. Specific test items will result in the article appear on the attachment, and Benpian, the author listing looking ahead we are most concerned about different points.
HP Pavilion DV4017AP Battery
    AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5 memory alone was to support DX11, the graphics card in the quality of mobile-class performance by testing 3DMark Vantage Joining method, with the final score of 25,091 points, excellence in performance. This also means that the Pavilion dv6 current easily deal with most of the mainstream games. HP Pavilion DV4017EA Battery
Independence was based on performance HD 6770M, can dv6 respond to almost every major 3D games 
    And through the big picture, we can see the icons listed in the red zone coverage for "quality can not be in the proper functioning of the game", and the green covered area as "high-definition can games run smoothly on ". We see, Pavilion dv6 the lowest performance of the "Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne ', to the graphics card killer game" Crysis 2 "and" Metro 2033 ", able to run smoothly, even if the" island Crisis 2 "this can be a killer graphics card, also get the highest quality 30 frames or so basic proficiency, so the coverage of a small red area, we can see that its called the better gaming performance. HP Pavilion DV4018AP Battery
    In addition, based on the AMD Radeon HD 6770M performance alone was strongly supported, dv6 Pavilion 1080p HD movies alone hardware solution, and when your body through the high-definition interface HDMI, users can output easily to HD movies on the big screen HDTV to enjoy the most high-quality video experience. Of course, even with dv6 himself to enjoy high-definition video is also a good choice, on the one hand it uses 15.6-inch big screen on the other hand, is equipped with sound quality system BeatsAudio, in pretty good picture quality and video performance. HP Pavilion DV4018CL Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) Evaluation Summary HP laptop: model of high-performance entertainment platform
    Previous Dv4 from today dv6, we can see that the HP notebook market in 2011, the strategy is adjusted, entertainment notebook no longer high-end high price for a show, but effective cost to get started quickly seized on the products on the market situation can, with access to the users of all ages, the business of feedback from the market to be seen. Core i7 2630QM AMD Radeon HD 6770M processor with the powerful combination of significant independence, even in light of "Crysis 2" such a killer graphics card, and can more readily with the highest quality of operation, taking around of 7100 yuan price, with good competition.
Machine Features at a glance HP Pavilion DV4018EA Battery
    The design feature even dv6 looks proud of where metal and metal wire drawing process to grade the overall sense, very stylish, pure black body with a waist of money to attend calm, restraint, so that you can more of its customers business. Of course, dv6 or home entertainment primarily in the product, 15.6 inch screen for the user to give a broader perspective; sound system provides audio output BeatsAudio satisfactory overall performance of outstanding entertainment. HP Pavilion DV4019AP Battery
    Therefore, this is dv6-6029TX HP Pavilion ideal for high performance gaming needs of users, although it requires that standards of appreciation of the machine friends, students, ordinary home users, and gaming performance for people Certain business.
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop with the text: the weight, heat dissipation and endurance test
Weight, heat dissipation and endurance test HP Pavilion DV4019EA Battery
    In the first part of the performance tests, we have made this assessment the overall performance of HP dv6 mobile. First, we use an electronic scale was weighed out, the machine is the machine with battery weighs 2.612kg travel weight of 3.416kg, a 15.6-inch notebook, which has become the mainstream heavyweight.
Travel weight with battery and test weight HP Pavilion DV4020AP Battery
    In testing thermal performance, we used the software on this machine the load state FurMark high in the run, after about an hour of time, CPU temperature rose to 83 ℃, respectively, the temperature heart 83 ℃, 77 ℃, 76 ℃ and 73 ℃, just from the temperature sensor, temperature-6029TX HP dv6 overall internal hardware at around 80 ℃, and not high.
Using temperature sensors 64 AIDA to view the internal hardware 
Dv6 using a thermal imager up the keyboard and thermal test HP Pavilion DV4020EA Battery
    Through thermal imaging devices, we have C and D body surface temperature for the test surface. Among the most contact with the user's keyboard part on the maximum temperature 46.8 ℃, the maximum bottom of the fuselage 66.1 ℃, the cooling efficiency in general. From the heat distribution, we can see, the red area the highest temperature, the surface for the keyboard, the keyboard on the left concentrated in the red zone, while the heat is concentrated in the bottom of the window section.
10.8V/55Wh standard six-cell lithium battery HP Pavilion DV4020US Battery
Windows built-in power management on the assessment of endurance dv6 
    Finally, we dv6-6029TX HP endurance How? From battery specifications point of fall, the model with six-cell standard lithium battery 10.8V/55Wh, which we come Windows 7 with power system management software, an evaluation of battery life, life the last time a measure of 2 time 15 minutes, for i7, Core 15.6-inch notebook alone significantly, the performance of normal. Of course, the result can only view as a reference value, according to the user's actual performance will vary in different applications.
HP Pavilion DV4021AP Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop with the text: a comprehensive performance test machine
* Comprehensive performance testing machine
HP Pavilion DV4021EA Battery
    The hardware configuration, the HP dv6-6029TX This is equipped with 32nm process technology Intel Core i7 quad-core processor 2630QM, Intel chipset with HM65, equipped with large capacity 750GB 5400RPM drive hard, and 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory speed , moreover, the machine factory preloaded with genuine Windows operating system 7. In the video, the model uses the strong performance GDDR5 memory 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card, and comes with a processor based on Intel Core HD 3000 graphics cards feature two graphics. HP Pavilion DV4022AP Battery
Machine hardware configuration at a glance 
    Before beginning the performance test, we have 64 of the first AIDA see CPUID tool Fengyun Intel Core i7 processor 2630QM basic information, based on 32nm process technology, chódainm Sandy Bridge, initially clocked at 2.0GHz, the use from 2.0 turbo technologies to accelerate, the frequency can be contributed to 2.9GHz, 6MB of shared L3 cache, the overall TDP 45W, supports Hyper-Threading technology and the latest version AVX instruction.
Processor basic information at a glance HP Pavilion DV4022EA Battery
    Introduction to the processor, we use this software CINEBENCH R10 evaluate its performance, the software on a single core processor performance and scored a multicore visual, fast processor Fengyun 2630QM Core i7 all materials to complete the test, finally a single west-central to get 4537 points, Quad to get 16,587 points, compared with the previous generation, the performance significantly, amongst the best in the performance of current processors.
Single-core multi-core processor performance test HP Pavilion DV4023AP Battery
    dv6 consumer notebook series HP products in high-end models, the performance of the game is still very visible on the performance, this is no exception. The current model with the high-performance AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card, the card has a capacity of 1GB GDDR5 memory interface, memory, 128bit, 725MHz core frequency, 480 of unified shaders (stream processors) to ensure both However its now called the outstanding graphics performance.
HD 6770M was alone the basic information at a glance HP Pavilion DV4023EA Battery
    Next, we assessed its performance 3DMark Vantage graphics, the benefits of GDDR5 memory-based performance in part, end-GPU, with 25 091 points of achievements in the mainstream cards current mobile graphics, located in the high-end.
Graphics Performance Test 
    We have said before, the dv6-6029TX HP 750GB 5400RPM Toshiba along with large capacity hard disk, HD Tune on our performance tests. From the screenshot, we see the test results, the average transfer rate of 83.2MB of this drive / s, the maximum rate of transfer 108.8MB / s and minimum transfer rate of 52.0MB / s, plus 17.7 ms access time, the overall ordinary SATA hard drives in more significant. HP Pavilion DV4024AP Battery
Hard disk transfer rate and access time tests 
    Finally, overall performance was tested this product using the software for the PCMark Vantage, which is popular notebook comprehensive performance assessment software by the user simulating a variety of practical applications for everyday use in all aspects of the notebook is appropriate purposes.
Comprehensive performance testing machine HP Pavilion DV4024EA Battery
    From the overall situation, the overall academic performance of the highly visible 8068 points, AMD Radeon HD 6770M greatly help dv6-6029TX single game performance in 7373 points out excellent results, and sound system equipped with BeatsAudio with individual points in the music reached the points 7322, moreover, also in Television & Film 5609 points to get good results, we can see, dv6-6029TX in entertainment applications, a good performance.
HP Pavilion DV4025AP Battery
Product: dv6-6029TX (LR778PA) HP laptop with the text: Challenges "Island 2" excellent
• Challenge "Island 2" excellent

    Understanding the performance of all hardware, the performance of our card games the actual test. For a laptop for home games, many that gaming performance the most basic conditions, of course, the stronger the performance to match, suffered the more the user's attention. AMD Radeon HD 6770M is discrete graphics very good performance, DX11 support and 1GB GDDR5 memory effects, so we chose the "Crysis 2" game killer current mobile graphics testing, testing, opening up a whole. "Extreme" quality, although the game supports DX11 effects, but the current level of independence was moving, you want to get the highest quality and smooth picture effects, or very easy.
Basic Game Set HP Pavilion DV4025EA Battery
    Not As dv6 use higher resolution, so the beginning of the game tests, we will adapt the game resolution to 1366 x 768 pixels, taking into account the 6770M HD alone significantly high, so use the standard highest "extreme" method, which can take a look at the actual game to get a good picture of fluency.
Complex lighting scenes picture of proficiency 22fps
Simple picture of light and shadow environment fluency 38fps HP Pavilion DV4026AP Battery
    In the game test, we use internal and external environment, the more complex lighting effects in the indoor environment, is not picture perfect smoother performance, smooth 22fps can not command the needs of the game, but fortunately only the beginning of very long story, so you can endure. In relatively simple indoor lighting effects, the screen acted as 38fps fluent, well.
Cases fluency as 34fps big picture HP Pavilion DV4026EA Battery
Views daylight outside with the fluency of 38fps
Battlefield Environment 38fps frame for the command   In pictures outdoors, the picture can adequately fluent, fluency achieved 34fps average over the game needs to run smoothly.

herowei : : hp pavilion dv4 battery


Small convex Toshiba NB255

    The product line has been concerned about online consumers believe that the Toshiba NB300 also remember, its beautiful design and fine details of the work to consumers has left a deep impression. With the evolution of Intel's Atom platform, Toshiba has followed the pace of upgrading the NB series, today we want to introduce is the Toshiba NB255, the overall design and the NB300 series before, and there is not much difference, the same round shape, but in the details and design style change.HP 484170-001 Battery

    This year, for notebook computers, Toshiba notebooks is especially important year - the 25th anniversary of notebook. Toshiba also introduced two occasion a commemorative notebook - Libretto W100 and the Portégé R700. The Satellite L Series has changed its overall design, and pay more attention to the feelings of the user experience. For the Internet this product line, we also see to NB255 such products HP Pavilion DV1026AP Battery

Toshiba NB255 modern black models

    For the Internet market, could be said to be sluggish in gradually, as the products in the hardware to the limitations and weak performance, coupled with consumer awareness of the product for the Internet is more rational, while the tablet is also in full swing or more or less impact on the product to the Internet, so the netbook market needs is more refined to meet the user's actual needs.
Roman pattern followed Satellite L Series HP Pavilion DV1027AP Battery

* Roman pattern followed Satellite L Series

    The overall shape and Toshiba NB255 NB300 before and has not changed much, the same with a more rounded appearance, and only certain details have changed. The evaluation of the prototype we received for the NB255 modern black models, said modern, naturally think of shiny surfaces. The surface of this NB255 shell design with a bright face, and we also saw the surface of the shadow Satellite L600 series, convex pattern engraved Roman "II" over the shell surface.HP Pavilion DV1029AP Battery

Toshiba NB255 modern black design

    The middle part of the concave shell engraved with "TOSHIBA" in the logo, but its surface using the same black shell, and not by the color to highlight the logo, giving a low-key minimalist feel. It is precisely because of its convex surface of the Roman pattern designed to allow light to some extent the surface to avoid the problem of fingerprints.HP Pavilion DV1030AP Battery
10.1 inches size Toshiba NB255
The overall design of the bottom of the fuselage

    Toshiba NB255 using a 10.1-inch 16:9 wide LED backlit LCD screen, which supports a maximum resolution of 1024 × 600. In the screen above the built-in webcam, user-friendly Internet video applications daily. The screen frame with a plain black ABS plastic material, matte texture feels more comfortable, however, because the machine is commonly used in the popular 16:9 widescreen ratio, so we see the up and down the wide screen frame .HP Pavilion DV1031AP Battery
The middle shell and the Roman pattern TOSHIBA Logo Design
Built-in webcam above the screen
Weight machine and travel

    Weight, through our actual measurements, the standard lithium battery Toshiba NB255 in the assembly after the whole weight of 1.085kg, and with a mini-travel power adapter weighs only 1.429kg. As a netbook, its performance in terms of portability and similar products is almost the same. Speaking of portability, many consumers will think of a more portable tablet PC, which is to access the product of its impact, both neck and neck in performance, more is a different mode of operation and entertainment applications and so on.HP Pavilion DV1032AP Battery
Enhanced wide-touch comfort Korea off the keyboard

• Wide-touch Korea off the keyboard to enhance comfort

    Toshiba NB255 is still in the compact body with its classic wide-touch Korea off the keyboard, through our practical use, most of its key from the keycap design is relatively wide, thereby enhancing the online handle the input of the percussion. The individual keys, such as Tab, Fn and arrow keys and other small design to ensure that daily use of other buttons are large enough to frequent the area.HP Pavilion DV1033AP Battery

Toshiba NB255 overall control area design

    Touchpad's design appears quite simple, and nothing special, matte surface texture, or feels more comfortable. It is worth mentioning that the design of its left and right buttons, and the remaining edge notebook integration, thereby increasing the area to ensure a good touch percussion feel.HP Pavilion DV1034AP Battery

Wide touch beautiful fall keyboard design
More details of keyboard design (click on image to enlarge)
Touchpad and buttons designed around

    The machine's power switch before the NB300 series with the same design in the middle of the shaft, just remove the built-in lights, from some of the details view NB255 NB300 can also be said to be working on the appearance of a simplified version. The hinge design also uses a bright side, add a bit bright spot for the machine.HP Pavilion DV1035AP Battery
Middle of shaft power switch design (no indicator)

    And palm rest part of the shell also uses the same design, only the surface of the matte treatment, look no case less rosy, but still raised Roman design pattern "II", not only to enhance the touch of the hand, but also for machine to add texture.
The left side of the fuselage interface design HP Pavilion DV1036AP Battery
The right side of interface design
Front of the fuselage on the left front of the fuselage right side of the light reader

    Interface, the Toshiba NB255 left side of the fuselage design: VGA port, heat vent, audio input / output interface, RJ-45 cable interface, USB 2.0 interface, while the fuselage on the right arrangements: the security slot, external power connector, 2 × USB 2.0 interface. For the Internet products, such interfaces have been well equipped to meet the needs of the user's daily use.
Law-abiding, and hardware equipment to meet the daily needs HP Pavilion DV1037AP Battery

* Law-abiding, and hardware equipment to meet the daily needs

    Toshiba NB255 NB300 compared to the previous series in terms of hardware, especially the CPU have been enhanced, but the magnitude is not great. The aircraft is equipped with Intel Atom N455 processor, clocked at 1.66GHz, with 1GB DDR3-1066 memory, 250GB Hitachi 5400 SATA hard drive, and Intel GMA X3150 integrated graphics, while pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Basic 32-bit operating system HP Pavilion DV1040CA Battery

CPUID information
EVEREST detailed configuration list

    CINEBENCH R10 we used the aircraft is equipped with Intel Atom N455 processor performance test. Our results for the single-core 546 points, multi-core 839 points. From the test results we can see, the new Atom N450 and N280 compared to the previous, the rise in performance is not great.HP Pavilion DV1040US Battery
CINEBENCH R10 test results of multi-core 839 points

    We PCMark Vantage test the performance of the machine. In the 1024 × 768 resolution, get the final result for the total score 1129, sub-item scores, the highest for the Music Score of 1434 points, the lowest compared with 1GB DDR3-1066 memory, 418 points.
PCMark Vantage score 1129 test results HP Pavilion DV1042QV Battery
HD Tune Pro test average read speed 65.3MB / s

     Hard drive, the Toshiba NB255 with a Hitachi 250GB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive, HD Tune Pro we use to test its performance, the result is: the maximum 86.2MB / s average read speed of 65.3MB / s, response time 18.5 milliseconds, and CPU occupancy rate is slightly higher at 8.0%. Hard disk temperature during the test ideal is 37 ℃.HP Pavilion DV1044LA Battery
Temperature control, cooling and battery life

* Temperature control, cooling and battery life

    With the mainstream Toshiba NB255 netbook configuration in the temperature control and cooling performance? We use EVEREST to see the aircraft at low load state of the internal core temperature, and then continued to run CINEBENCH R10 software, to reach the high-load state again to view the internal core temperature, while the keyboard using a thermal imager to its surface and bottom of the fuselage area surface temperature to be tested.HP Pavilion DV1049CL Battery

Low load internal core temperature 64 ℃
Under high load conditions within the core temperature of 82 ℃

    Through our practical tests, the Toshiba NB255 in the internal CPU core temperature around 64-82 ℃. The keyboard surface temperature of the maximum temperature in the left palm over the keyboard position of trust, the maximum temperature reached 41 ℃. Body surface temperature of the bottom of the overall satisfactory performance, the maximum temperature of 44.7 ℃. This thermal performance compared to similar products and at the same level HP Pavilion DV1060US Battery
Under high load conditions the surface temperature of the hot keyboard 41 ℃
Under high load conditions the surface temperature of the bottom body temperature 44.7 ℃ most
BatteryMark test results 3 hours 05 minutes

   Life, the Toshiba NB255 marked with a 10.8V, 25Wh, when the capacity is about 2300 mA lithium battery, we use the BatteryMark test their endurance. First, Windows 7 will be the power management system adjusted to the energy-saving mode, open wireless network, and the screen brightness to 40%. Finally we get the test results is 3 hours 05 minutes, this result quite satisfactory, and not too many surprises for consumers.HP Pavilion DV1065US Battery

Evaluation Summary:

    Toshiba NB255 NB300 as before in terms of hardware upgrade line models, the performance by the major environmental constraints, range is not great. In appearance, the overall shape is still followed a soft run down, but some details have changed over NB300, and to some extent been simplified, such as the abolition of the power switch lights, etc., and convex surface of the Roman pattern design, and enhance the machine's texture, but also to avoid fingerprints and other issues.HP Pavilion DV1067EA Battery

herowei : : hp 484170-001 battery


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